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Welcome to Troop 236

About Our Troop
Troop 236 is sponsored by the Christ United Methodist Church. We are in the Wright Brothers District which is a part of the Miami Valley Council. The Miami Valley Council is part of the Central Region. Troop 236 stresses events run for and by the boys. The troop is governed by the Troop Committee which is composed of scoutmasters and other interested adults who oversee the operation and safety of the troop. However, the real running of the troop is by the youth leaders. Each patrol is run by a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. Each of these scouts must be at least First Class in rank and at least 13 years of age for Patrol Leaders and at least 12 years of age of Assistant patrol Leaders. All of these scouts must be trained in the Troop 236 Leadership and Scout Skills Camp. Troop 236 is one of very few troops in the nation which runs its own leadership and Scout Skills Course, and we feel this is demonstrated by our scouts who have held many of the leadership positions in the Order of the Arrow and in National Jamboree Troops.

Weekly Meetings

Troop 236 holds weekly meetings every Tuesday for our scouts, adult leaders, and those interested in joining our Troop. The meetings begin at 7:30 PM, and usually last until around 9:00 PM. Prior to the full meeting, the Senior Patrol Leader holds a Patrol Leaders Council meeting at 7:15 PM. These meetings are vital to keeping our successful troop running. At these meetings, scouts maintain patrol and troop organization, attain scout skills, plan for upcoming events, and get to know each other. 

All of our meetings are held at Christ United Methodist Church located at 3440 Shroyer Rd in Kettering, Ohio.

Monthly Campouts

Every month, the troop goes on a campout that is chosen by the scouts at the beginning of the year. These campouts include anything from Wilderness Survival to Whitewater Rafting. Sometimes the troop chooses to cook meals together, but most often each patrol prepares their own meals.

Older Boy Programs

The Leadership Corps is composed of older scouts who are at least 14 years of age and most of whom have been Patrol Leaders. These scouts work with the younger scouts and are advisers to the patrols. Many of the members of the Leadership Corps are Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders. They are responsible for running many of the troop functions such as Den Chief Coordination, Troop Activities, Big Brother Program, Quartermasters, Training for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class, Chaplain's Aides, and Courts of Honor. The Senior Patrol Leader is one of the members of the troop who has been elected by the troop as their leader. He leads the troop with the advise of the scoutmasters. The Senior Patrol Leader, Leadership Corps, Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders meet monthly and just after each Tuesday meeting to plan the troop events. Troop 236 is committed to having a scout troop run by our youth leaders for the scouts.


Venturing Crew

Venturing Crew 236 is a Boy Scout program for boys and girls ages 14-21 with its own set of rank advancement. The Crew meets on Tuesday nights at the same time as Troop 236. Sometimes the Troop and Crew camp together but most of the time they go on different camp-outs. Many boys choose to register in both the Troop and the Crew and find that several of the requirements for ranks overlap.  Additional information can be found in the file at the bottom of this page.



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